Budgets are complicated. We help you understand them.

Whether you are a fiscal expert or the other 99% who care about schools but cannot get through a single page of a school budget, we are your “go-to” service. We’ll provide answers and source materials for your simple or complex questions. We can help you understand how schools and districts spend your money. We can help you develop the questions, find the reports and demystify the documents. We’ll provide guidance in connecting spending to student achievement.

Training and Fees

MCW provides fiscal training for individuals or groups.

Helping you understand budgets

MCW training can be tailored to enable you to evaluate budgets for education or any other organization.

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Our resources can help you evaluate administrative decisions.


We have a wealth of original source documents that may enable you to evaluate administrative decisions and support your organization or client.

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Keep on top of upcoming budget deadlines, open houses, and other opportunities to make your voice heard.

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