Who we are

MCW was created in 2010 to put school budgeting knowledge in the hands of stakeholders—parents, community and school leaders—in the Sacramento City Unified School District (SCUSD). Our mission is to connect spending to student outcomes.

The budget of any organization describes its true priorities.

Depending on your passions, we can target information specific to the needs of your specific school site. If you care about counselors at your school, we have years of data on salaries. If you are concerned about the quality of materials, we can walk you through the codes that show how much money is available and has been spent historically. We advocate for decision making that uses a full and clear understanding of available resources, based on actual revenue and expenditure history.

Our expertise is available to school stakeholders, parents and school board members alike. Armed with a full understanding of the fiscal data, we believe that decisions will focus on equity, proficiency and graduation rates.

Over the past several years, MCW has become a source of critical fiscal information. Our original source materials give you a panorama of personnel, books, and other services that occur at both the school site and district headquarters.

With this knowledge, we believe that you can effectively participate as fiscal decisions are made.